What kind of job can I get on a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is essentially a floating city.  Think of all the jobs required to maintain a city structure, tweak it a little for the fact it is a ship, and you have a very long list of options!

The below list includes all of the jobs I can think of off the top of my head, so obviously it is not all-inclusive.

Wondering if I left something off?  Want to know how to get one of these jobs?

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Find your FUN with Make Up!

I don't know what made me do it, but a few months ago I decided I wanted the flawless skin look.  Maybe I had been browsing through too many magazines during my morning coffee routine.  Whatever the reason, I moseyed into my local Sephora and asked for help.  This is what I learned.

Get a proper color match
Go to your local Sephora or department store and ask for a color match.  The store associates should be able to match your skin color to the perfect make-up for you.  This makes a huge difference when trying to keep a natural look.

Find your FUN with RV Travel: Planning your first trip + Guide for Full-Time RV Travel

An RV trip may be one of the most exciting ways to travel! Imagine visiting multiple cities without leaving the creature comforts of home. No matter how exciting it may be, your first RV trip hitting the open road will likely be the most challenging. 

To give you a boost of confidence, we have compiled a list of tips to never forget before embarking on your first (or tenth) RV trip which will surely make your trip a lot less of a challenge and more of a dream vacation:

I am LOVING myself this week!

I am LOVING myself this week!  I mean, I am the “ish”.

I took a fabulous trip to Sephora that resulted in new make-up brushes and some new make-up that made me feel flawless and beautiful!

I received my first Stitch Fix over the weekend, and you better believe I wore a piece from the box every day this week to work.  My fashionista side was overwhelmingly smitten.  I looked adorable all week long! (If you want to try it out, use my affiliate link: https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/5302495)